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California levee workers suffer injuries from chemical spray

A company in California is facing fines after spraying a pesticide too closely to a levee where construction employees were working. The incident happened in July, but it was back in the news after a plane was recorded dropping a whitewash over a nearby orchard near the levee in September. While dispersing these substances isn't illegal, Sutter County officials told the company that they must give notice to levee workers when a pesticide drop is about to occur.

In this situation, there was no notice given due to the fact that the plane was not dropping a pesticide. Because of this nuance to the rules, workers did not know what the dropped substance was, and this led them to visit hospitals. Doctors' notes said that the men had chemical exposure. After an investigation, however, officials found the the pilot in the September case had not done anything wrong.

This was not the case, however, back in July. The pesticide that was dropped, whose drop was caught on camera very close to the workers on the levee, caused serious health problems for the employees present that day. There was more than one work injury suffered by the men. These injuries ranged from migraines to chemical pneumonia. Even though there was no legal wrongdoing in the latest case, levee workers are seeking more stringent regulations for warning workers of impending chemical sprays.

These California levee workers are facing serious health issues due to chemical exposure at work, but there are a variety of different hazards that can lead to employee injuries. When this occurs, it can result in high hospital bills along with an inability to earn enough income to pay these bills. A workers' compensation attorney can help determine whether injured clients are eligible for benefits in these instances.

Source: CBS Sacramento, "Construction Workers Say Second Agricultural Spray Sickened Them In Sutter County", Maria Medina, October 14, 2014

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