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Construction Worker Dies at California Worksite

A California construction worker was crushed by a falling slab of concrete while working at the future site of a FedEx distribution center in Oceanside, California. According to reports, the man was working near a drainage channel when a section of the retaining wall fell on top of him.  The slab was approximately 3 ft. x. 12 ft. Although co-workers attempted to move the concrete, the man was declared dead at the scene.  As is standard for most construction accidents, Cal/OSHA will begin an investigation into the incident.

Construction site safety has always been a concern.  The Bureau of Labor Statistic reveals that construction workers have the 10th most dangerous job.  Steps have been taken to improve safety, and several recent reports have detailed strict penalties, including fines and jail time for construction site owners and contractors failing to enforce safety protocols and allowing unreasonably dangerous conditions.  

These dangers include working with dangerous or defective machinery, being struck by an object, fires and explosions, cave ins, and collapses. 

Such accidents can harm not only the construction workers themselves, but anyone else at the site including other contractors, visitors to the site, or passersby.  Depending on the situation, the general contractor, a sub-contractor or an owner of a site may be held responsible and required to pay damages for the harm sustained.  Other times, a third-party vendor such as a manufacturer of defective equipment, or a project architect or engineer, may be found liable.    

Whenever an accident occurs, it is important to contact an experienced Oakland construction accident lawyer to begin an investigation into all of the factors surrounding a particular incident to determine the best course of action.  For more information, please contact the dedicated Oakland personal injury lawyers at Butler Viadro, LLP for an immediate consultation.  

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