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California Workplaces Are Becoming Safer

A recent report reveals that California work places are becoming somewhat safer. The number of workplace deaths decreased over the last year - a positive development going against the national trends. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of on the job deaths in California in 2014 was 334, a 16% drop from 2013. While the number of fatal workplace accidents still remains too high, this improvement should be applauded. In fact, California was one of only 22 states where the number of worker deaths decreased. Further, only 4 other states had a greater percentage decrease - New Jersey, South Carolina, North Dakota and West Virginia. 

Many observers attribute the decline in deaths to stricter adherence to safety protocols, such as developed by California's Department of Occupational Safety and Health (CalOsha). In fact, improved safety may be a leading factor contributing to the significant decline (a 43% reduction) in fatal machinery accidents. Studies show that following safety guidelines, including proper training, can reduce the number of serious personal injuries and deaths at construction sites and other workplaces.

However, despite the general positive findings, the number of fatal slips and falls increased last year, taking the lives of 69 California workers. Slip and fall accidents are one of the more common ways workers are injured or killed, particularly in the construction industry.

Where a worker suffers a significant injury or fatality, speaking with an experienced California workplace accident attorney is important. A knowledgeable Oakland personal injury lawyer can begin an investigation into all of the factors that may have caused or contributed to a particular incident. Many times, it may be possible to file a claim for worker's compensation or bring a civil lawsuit to recover damages.    

For more information or if you or a loved one has been injured at work, please contact the dedicated Oakland construction accident attorneys at Butler Viadro, LLP for an immediate consultation.

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