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The 5 most common workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2014 | Workplace Injuries |

California workers should know that career-ending injuries may happen in nearly any line of work. Accidents in the workplace may occur at even the most safety-conscious businesses, authorities say. The most common workplace accidents can cause back injuries, spine damage and debilitating pain in the joints. Although many on-the-job injuries are minor, some workers become financially crippled by their work-related injuries, suffering lost wages, costly hospital bills and the cost of rehabilitation and recovery.

There are certain types of workplace accidents that account for a significant portion of workplace compensation claims. According to authorities, repetitive motion is a major cause for injury among workers. Bending too frequently or lifting excessive loads can harm the knees and other joints. One way to prevent these issues is for both employers and employees to keep up to date on safety standards and protocols. It is also important to avoid overexerting or straining muscles, authorities say.

Accidental falls, both on the same level and from height, are another common cause of worksite injuries. For this reason, authorities suggest that workers on construction sites secure ladders and inspect scaffolding. Furthermore, authorities recommend that office workers clear walkways of clutter, spilled liquids and other potential safety hazards. In fact, workers in almost every industry can reduce the number of worksite injuries by keeping the workplace tidy and organized.

Under California workers’ compensation law, workers injured on the job have various rights, such as receiving medical care, recovering lost wages and obtaining compensation for injury-related expenses. Many injured employees work with a workers’ compensation lawyer to make sure that their rights as well as their interests are advocated in case of a denial.

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