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How can you make warehouse positions less risky?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Warehouse jobs are notorious for being a high-risk and highly physically demanding positions. Even one injury on the job here could affect a person’s earning potential.

To combat these risks, it is important to know what the main sources of dangers are, so as to act against them.

Keep exits clear

The Oaklandslide discusses how increased demand for warehouse workers put them in a uniquely advantageous position. Workers can also demand increased pay and safer working environments in return.

To request safer environments, it is crucial to understand the major sources of risk in today’s warehouse. Three of the main issues include blocked exits, electrical problems and heavy equipment.

It is important to have a clear path out of a warehouse in the event of a fire or another disaster. However, many warehouses end up disorganized and disorderly. Obstacles and clutter can make it difficult or even impossible to locate or leave through the exits in an emergency.

Employers need to have an escape plan and should also clearly mark all exits with lights and signage.

Mitigate electrical threats

Electrical issues can come in the form of cords, outlets and other surfaces that may carry an electric charge. To combat these risks, an employer must use a ground-fault circuit interrupter or an assured equipment grounding conductor program.

Train everyone for heavy equipment

Then, there is the heavy equipment and other heavy machinery like forklifts. In 2019, heavy machinery caused 79 deaths and 8,100 injuries in warehouses. Proper training of all people working in or around heavy machinery is crucial to combat these risks.

Taking these steps can increase the overall safety of an entire facility.


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