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January 2019 Archives

How does comparative fault work in California?

Sometimes determining fault in a car accident is relatively straight forward. For example, if a motorist in California is struck by a drunk driver or is rear-ended while waiting at a red light, it can generally be shown that the other driver is at fault. Drunk drivers are breaking their duty of care to drive reasonably under the circumstances and, likewise, a motorist who rear-ends another motorist may have been distracted, speeding or following too close, all breaches of their duty of care.

Brain injuries can significantly impact your earning potential

Brain injuries can happen in a number of ways. You could slip, fall and hit your head, resulting in a traumatic brain injury caused by swelling of the brain. You could strike your skull on the windshield or steering wheel of your car during a collision. Any kind of blunt force trauma to the head or penetrating injury to the skull could also result in brain injuries.

California citrus grove worker dies after being hit by fan blade

Farming is an important industry in California, and citrus groves are one of the state's most renowned crops. However, like many other manual jobs where people must work with heavy machinery, farming can be dangerous. One recent incident in a California citrus grove exemplifies just how dangerous these occupations can be.

Jobs at risk for slips and falls during January

The winter months tend to be the most common times of the year for workers to slip and suffer a fall injury. A large portion of the nation deals with colder weather that can freeze the sidewalks and harsh winds that can throw off their balance. January is often the peak of the season where the cold and hazardous conditions are at their worst.

Californians living with paralysis face significant expenses

When a person in California is paralyzed in a car crash, workplace accident, or sporting accident, they may find their whole world has turned upside down. Not only must they relearn how to perform basic tasks, if they are able to perform these tasks at all, but they may also find that their injury keeps them from ever being able to work again. This is significant, as data from the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center taken from 2010 to 2014 reveals just how expensive living with a spinal cord injury can be.

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