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Femur fractures in the wake of a car wreck

California residents should know that if they fracture their femur, it will likely be in one of two ways: a motor vehicle crash or a fall. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons says that crashes and falls are the first and second most common causes of femur...

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Distracted driving is on the rise

The number of people in California driving while distracted, such as using a phone or other devices behind the wheel, is increasing. Drinking liquids is another leading cause of distraction while driving. Distracted driving is dangerous and can lead to car accidents,...

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Do you feel lucky?

I recently saw this sign in an ice skating rink. Everyone in my group was wearing a helmet, and it proved to be a good thing as one person fell and hit her head. Apart from a headache, there was no lasting damage. Had she not been wearing a helmet things would have...

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Hawaiian Gift of Good Luck and Good Fortune

We work hard to be of service to our clients and are grateful when our service is recognized. I was in Hawaii last week working on a legal malpractice case. Our client who had been a longshoreman, had injured his back and could no longer do his job. When I went to his...

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Steps to Take After Your Workplace Injury

Many people are only vaguely aware that the workers compensation system in California even exists. Often, they only become aware of it after they suffer an injury. It is a little known fact among workers, even union workers, that you can pre-designate who you want to...

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