We work hard to be of service to our clients and are grateful when our service is recognized. I was in Hawaii last week working on a legal malpractice case. Our client who had been a longshoreman, had injured his back and could no longer do his job. When I went to his house, he insisted on giving me a gift. He said that in Hawaii it is a tradition to give a friend a gift the first time they visit their home.

He handed me the gift wrapped up in a towel and inside of a bag. He said, “here, this will bring you good luck and good fortune.” I asked what it was, and he said “a turtle.” I told him, a little embarrassed, that I did not think the hotel or the airline would let me bring a turtle back home. He said “Nah man, it ain’t that kind of turtle.” When I opened the bag, I saw that it was this lovely carved turtle which he had given from his heart as a gift.

We hope that this photo of his gift will bring you good luck, good fortune and good cheer.