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Several Changes to California Workers’ Compensation Laws for 2016

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2016 | Workers' Compensation |

California laws require employers carry workers compensation insurance and/or to be permissibly self-insured. Generally, following a workplace injury, workers are entitled to receive compensation benefits without having to show fault on the part of their employer and regardless of their own fault. The types of benefits to which an injured worker may be entitled include medical treatment, temporary and permanent disability benefits, and a job displacement voucher. In the event that a death occurs, the family members of a deceased worker may be able to recover certain costs, such as funeral expenses and a death benefit.  

However, workers’ compensation laws can be complex and are ever changing. Workers’ compensation carriers regularly take advantage of injured workers that don’t have an attorney. They may try to get you to settle your case quickly or get your medical treatment cut off before you have finished treatment. If you have questions, or have suffered an on the job injury, it is critical to consult with a knowledgeable California workers’ compensation lawyer early to help ensure you follow the proper steps for making a claim and so you can get fair compensation for your injury. Even if you are reluctant to hire a lawyer, you can still usually get some general guidance about your case from most law firms. 

For more information concerning changes to California workers’ compensation laws and how they may affect you, or if you have suffered an on the job injury, please contact the experienced Oakland Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Viadro Law, LLP for an immediate consultation.


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