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Determining fault for accidents caused by a company-owned vehicle

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Morning traffic and afternoon road congestion is a part of the normal routine for many commuters. But what happens when you find yourself hit by a company owned vehicle? Who is liable for the damages sustained? These are great questions to ask that require some clarity in the process of determining liability.

Employee vs. Employer responsibility

The best way to determine liability is to have a clear understanding of the events that caused the accident. If the employee driving the company vehicle was operating within his or her required and expected work duties, then it is likely the employer’s fault.

However, there are exceptions to why an employer may not be held responsible for the driver’s accident, placing the blame on the employee. For example, the fault is likely to fall on the employee if he or she is exploiting company privileges by running personal errands during company hours. It could also be that the employee drinks too much at a lunch meeting and drives away in a company vehicle resulting in a DUI.

You deserve fair compensation

The injuries you might have sustained from the negligence of a company driver can greatly impact your financial wellbeing. It is not uncommon for accidents to occur that wreck your vehicle, damage your body and put you out of work for a long time while you recover. This is why it is crucial to get all the facts surrounding the accident. You will want to know what the insurance policy of the driver and the type of coverage available.

Unfortunately, accidents can be an opportunity for you to suffer un-deserved loss of financial restitution at the hands of the other party and insurance company. Legal resources are available to prevent this from happening and ensure your case is fairly represented.


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