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Will in-car cameras make roads safer?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Personal Injury |

The technology available in automobiles seems to be growing every day. We have vehicles with infotainment systems, back-up cameras, lane assist and more. These technologic features are often aimed at preventing car accidents. Now another automaker, Volvo is implementing another technological feature that it hopes will improve the safety of those on the road in Oakland and across the nation.

The automaker Volvo has stated that it will be installing cameras inside its automobiles that will capture whether a motorist seems to be drunk or distracted and intervene appropriately. If a motorist looks away from the road or doesn’t keep a grip on the steering wheel, they will receive on-call help. If the motorist does not respond to the on-call system, the vehicle will decelerate and eventually stop.

This is in line with Volvo’s “Vision 2020” goal to not have Volvos involved in any injury-causing or fatal accidents. While there are privacy concerns by some, a Volvo representative has stated the vehicles will only collect data for safety purposes and with user consent.

How successful these cameras will be in preventing car accidents remains to be seen. However, the technology does highlight the fact that too many people drive drunk or drive distracted. It only takes one drink or one text — one split-second — for a motorist to cause a car wreck that injures or kills another person. It is likely that, even with advancements in technology, human error and poor decisions may still result in car accidents. Those who have suffered injuries in such crashes will want to determine if a personal injury lawsuit is a possibility for them, so they can hold the responsible party accountable.


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