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What should workers do to get workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

There is no question that a work-related injury or an injury suffered while on the job can be damaging to a California resident’s life. Aside from the physical pain that they may experience as a result of their harm, they may also suffer financial loss, as they take time off from work to recover and heal. Workplace accidents and injuries should not happen when workers have the proper resources from their employers, and when these preventable forms of loss occur, it is often the responsibility of employers to make their employees whole.

Workers’ compensation is a form of financial support a worker may seek when they suffer a workplace injury. This compensation takes the place of litigation and often releases employers from further legal liability for their employees’ harm. In order to seek workers’ compensation, a worker should first report their injury as soon as possible to their employer.

Reporting an injury begins the review process for workers’ compensation, and once it is started, the employee may also ask to see a doctor to have their injury assessed. They should also ask their employer for a workers’ compensation claim so that when they are ready, they can file their claim to be approved for the benefits and support that they need.

This post simplifies the process of seeking and securing workers’ compensation, and readers should know that they can always contact their trusted attorneys for help with this important process. Getting workers’ compensation can mean the differences between getting past an injury with financial security and suffering from both the financial and physical burdens of sustaining a workplace injury.


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