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Oakland recycling worker injured in explosion

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

It seemed like an average day for one Oakland worker. Showing up to drive the recycling truck consisted of the majority of the duties for the day. Simply have the truck pick up the recycling bin left near the street and crush the contents down to preserve space for transport. However, this otherwise ordinary work duty did not go as planned when an explosion caused a worker to be thrown from the truck.

Driving any type of truck in Oakland can be a skilled business with all the traffic, narrow streets and congestion that could be presented at any moment. However, most recycling truck drivers wouldn’t expect an explosion to happen from within their vehicle. When the worker went to crush the contents of the most recent pick up, the contents exploded. Witnesses claim the worker was thrown in the air from the blast.

The worker was treated at a local hospital after suffering the unusual and abrupt work incident. The causes of the blast are unknown, but the bomb squad was called to examine the contents of the truck. The workers’ injuries aren’t life-threatening, but injuries from an explosion could easily make it difficult for the worker to return to work immediately. A workers’ compensation claim could help balance out their inability to work in the coming weeks or months.

It isn’t known if it was the contents of the recycling or the equipment that caused the sudden explosion. A full investigation will help uncover this information. Until then, the worker’s main focus should be resting and getting well.


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