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Fatigued driving increase the risks of fatal truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Trucks maintain a constant presence on California roads, and the drivers behind the wheel contribute greatly to commerce. Driving long distances may lead to fatigue, and fatigue may cause an accident. Truck drivers have the responsibility to drive safely and avoid accidents. Laws regarding speeding, tailgating and other moving violations aren’t the only rules drivers must follow. Truck drivers could find themselves facing negligence suits when fatigue-impaired driving causes injuries or fatalities.

Fatigued driving could mean driving while impaired

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be the type of impaired driving with which people may be the most familiar. However, a driver could become impaired due to lack of sleep, overwork or something else that contributes to fatigue. Fatigue may cause some problems for drivers, including reduced concentration, delayed reactions or even passing out.

People who choose to drive even while fatigued could be liable for any resultant crashes. A driver who keeps “nodding off” and continues to drive, for example, may be highly negligent.

Laws exist that limit the consecutive hours a truck driver may work. Even so, there could be other reasons why a driver feels fatigued.

Fatigue and its numerous causes

Anything that contributes to fatigue presents a possible danger on the road. A driver suffering from or coming off a bad cold may find staying awake or concentrating difficult. Attempting to use the illness as an excuse may not work out well in civil court. So drivers may benefit from taking fatigue seriously.

Fatigue derived from working split shifts, taking over-the-counter medications or even stress could create hazards. Truck drivers may pay the price if their fatigued driving causes a fatal accident.

Truck drivers may be held liable in a personal injury suit if they cause a fatal accident due to fatigue. Many things could cause fatigue, and negligence may remain regardless of the cause.


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