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Are older workers at a greater risk of injury?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Some interesting labor statistics reveal a very positive point: More older persons participate in the workforce today than many years ago because people live longer. Unfortunately, data show that workers over the age of 55 may suffer injuries on the job. Some injuries could even prove fatal. Understanding the common injury risks older persons face might raise awareness about potential dangers at a California worksite.

Risks and hazards for older people on the job

Not surprisingly, falls could cause injuries to older people, and anyone of any age could suffer a slip-and-fall accident on the job. Workers may experience broken bones or worse, even from a seemingly minor fall. Slips and other mishaps from ladders or heights might even result in fatalities.

Sadly, the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) reveals that older workers suffered far more fatalities in 2017 than in 1992. Again, there are more older workers today than years past, which may account for some of the increase.

However, specific industries and particular tasks may account for more significant fatalities. Older workers appear to face substantial risks when involved in farming and trucking-related jobs.

Farming work might put someone at risk for various accidents. Heavy equipment disasters could leave someone fatally injured. Going on the road in a semi-truck requires accepting the chance of an accident.

Seeking compensation after an injury

Workers from any age group might suffer an injury on the job. Whether mild or severe, the injury could result in missing time from work. California remains a no-fault workers’ compensation state. Therefore, no matter who is at fault for the injury, the worker is eligible for workers’ compensation.

Eligibility doesn’t mean approval. Workers need to file for workers’ compensation correctly. Even then, an initial claim may face a denial and the workers might need to turn to the appeals process for reconsideration. An attorney could assist with a workers’ comp claim. The attorney could review the application before submission and assist with appeals, if necessary.


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