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Most typical construction site injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Construction Accidents |

California workers employed in the construction industry put themselves at a higher risk for workplace injuries. Due to the physical demands of the job and the use of heavy machinery, there are many risks involved in construction. Most workers who end up getting injured do so in one of three ways

Vehicle accidents

One of the most common workers’ compensation claims for construction site injuries is those that occurred due to a vehicle accident. Many construction sites have various vehicles coming in and out of them throughout the day. Unfortunately, most of these vehicles are large and heavy, such as dump trucks. When these collide with workers unexpectedly, they can create a lot of damage.

Objects falling from above

Due to the weight of many construction materials, lifts and cranes are used to maneuver them into place. This means that these objects are moved throughout the air and over the heads of construction workers. Sometimes, these objects may come detached and fall down, injuring construction workers below. In addition, when construction workers are working high up at a construction site, they may lose their tools as they become dislodged. As these tools fall, they can injure construction workers below them.


Construction workers can find themselves working a few thousand feet up in the air or just a couple of feet. Falling from any sort of distance can result in injuries for construction workers. Due to the instability of the working surfaces for many construction workers, falls are highly prominent in the industry.

Construction sites tend to be some of the most dangerous workplace environments throughout the country. While the compensation for being a construction worker can be very lucrative, it does come with a high risk. If you’ve been injured on a job as a construction worker, it’s important to speak to an attorney about taking advantage of your workers’ compensation benefits.


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