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What are the most common manufacturing job injuries?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Throughout California, many companies succeed by manufacturing products. As it is with almost any job, manufacturing workers must stay aware of certain job-related dangers. By doing this, you can help ensure you remain safe while working. With that in mind, here are the most common injuries sustained by manufacturing workers.

Coming into contact with an object

As every manufacturing worker knows, this industry often has you working with tools and heavy machinery. Unfortunately, coming into contact with either of the previously mentioned items contributes to 40% of injuries in the manufacturing industry.


Many workers’ compensation claims have to do with employees overexerting themselves. Overexertion can happen in many ways, but it often occurs when workers try to lift or move something too heavy. Overexertion accounts for about 24% of annual injuries to manufacturing workers.

Slips and falls

Other injuries that are common in many industries are slips and falls. Considering that, these injuries are also common in the manufacturing industry. Many factors can lead to slips and falls, including wet floors and workplace areas full of clutter. Research shows about 19% of manufacturing injuries are slips and falls.

Repetitive motions

It’s also common for manufacturing industry employees to perform lots of monotonous work. About 8% of all injuries that happen to workers in the manufacturing industry result from repetitive motions. Some companies invest in ergonomics training to help prevent repetitive motion injuries.

In conclusion, several injuries are more common than others in the manufacturing industry. If you recently got injured while working for a manufacturing company, it could be time to contact a workers’ compensation attorney.


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