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What types of injuries can result from metal fabrication?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Accidents that could occur at metal fabrication shops include amputations, disfigurement, crushing, fires and toxic spills. Distraction is one of the top causes of injuries during metal fabrication. Other causes are a lack of safety regulations and machine maintenance. Your employer must enforce safety rules and stay on top of machine maintenance to help prevent injuries. You may qualify for workers’ compensation in California if you sustain an injury from metal fabrication.

Repetitive strain injury

You could receive workers’ compensation benefits for repetitive strain injuries. When tools aren’t maintained well, they could cause you to develop a musculoskeletal injury. Inappropriate workstation design and improper tool selections are other causes behind a repetitive strain injury during metal fabrication. The law requires employers to maintain an ergonomic work environment for employees.

Poor guarding

Part of maintaining a safe work environment is ensuring proper maintenance and installation of guards. When a guard malfunctions, an employee could sustain a serious injury. Nonexistent guards in areas that need to have a guard is another problem in some workplaces. There are four types of guards in metal fabrication shops: presence sensing systems, permanently fixed barriers, interlocked physical barriers and physical barriers.

Poor ventilation

Fumes and odors could cause disorientation, leading to an injury. Metal fabrication shops need adequate ventilation to protect workers from harmful fumes and odors. Lubricants, chemicals and welding fumes are the sources of these dangerous odors. Welders are more susceptible to this type of injury. They may come into contact with ozone, carbon monoxide and other dangerous substances.

Don’t assume getting injured at your workplace was your fault. You should consider whether your employer was properly maintaining the environment and equipment. A lawyer could help you with your workers’ compensation claim.


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