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Do meatpacking plant workers face injury risks?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Working in a meatpacking plant comes with many risks. California workers may find demand increases for pork, poultry, and beef, which may lead to a hectic work environment. Injuries might take place when confusion reigns, and even experienced employees could suffer harm. A workers’ compensation claim approval may help someone financially, as avoiding injuries isn’t always possible.

Excess demand could result in excessive injuries

Injuries appeared to increase at a meat processing plant in Oklahoma. The plant handles pork processing, and significant demand from supermarkets contributed to workers handling more tasks and dealing with higher productivity requirements. Workers reported work-related injuries, such as sprained tendons. These injuries commonly lead to taking time off for medical care and recovery.

The chaotic nature of a busy slaughterhouse might result in several workers suffering harm. Slip-and-fall accidents may increase due to frustrated workers bumping into one another or animal residue on the ground creates slippery conditions, among other issues.

Meatpacking plants require workers to use sharp instruments and a variety of other tools. A brief lapse of concentration may result in someone cutting him or herself.

Crowded pork plant environments might even increase the chances of someone becoming sick. An infectious virus could spread even when many precautions.

The financial strain of injuries

When a worker can’t go to his or her job due to a severe injury, financial troubles may result. Even missing one or two days could leading to problems. Not many people appreciated surviving on their credit cards due to the debt and interest amassed.

An approved workers’ compensation claim may deliver the financial assistance necessary to get through the recovery period. Filing a claim timely and accurately helps the cause of receiving the funds.

An attorney may prepare a workers’ compensation claim for a client. The attorney might assist with appeals when a claimant suffers a denial.


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