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Reasons why rural roads are worse than major roadways

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Personal Injury |

The amount of California traffic takes its toll on the state’s major roadways, but what you might not realize is that rural roads don’t always fare better. Though it’s disruptive to fewer people to close a rural road to fix it, there are multiple reasons why they fare worse than the major throughways. Below are four reasons why rural roads can be rougher than major ones.

Rural roads are more likely to have poor lighting

As most rural roads don’t usually pass through populated areas, they are less likely to have streetlights or other forms of lighting. As a result, the roads are more difficult to navigate, making them more likely to incur rural road accidents.

Rural roads are more exposed to the elements

Even if they’re paved, rural roads don’t get as much cover from nearby buildings and overpasses. Additionally, it can take longer for services to clear them of inclement weather, such as rain, snow and ice. As a result, they can become dangerous when the weather becomes harsh. Rural roads are also less likely to be paved, which makes the impact of the elements harsher.

Rural roads are less likely to receive proper maintenance

When a road is poorly maintained, issues arise. For instance, the road can become irregular and bumpy, making it difficult for drivers to stay in their lane. Major roadways tend not to have these problems because they are generally kept in better condition through routine maintenance, which includes repaving or fixing potholes.

Rural roads are less likely to be straight

This can make it difficult for drivers and passengers alike. Note that cars don’t usually have the same momentum on winding roads. Major roadways tend not to be straight, making them less of a headache in terms of safety.

If you want to avoid personal injury and certain other problems, it might be best to use major roadways instead of rural roads. If you really need to use a rural road, you should drive more cautiously and be aware of the risks.


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