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Common injuries in the hospitality sector in California

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Workers in the hospitality industry in California have the job of keeping everyone satisfied and comfortable while in their facilities. In doing so, these workers are at a risk of numerous dangers that can cause mild to severe bodily injuries. Here are some common injuries that hospitality workers face.

Acts of violence

It isn’t uncommon for people working in the hospitality sector to encounter aggressive individuals who put them in danger. This could be other employees, customers, thieves, etc. Workers typically find that acts of violence are more common if one of the services provided by the facility is alcohol.

Falling objects

A worker can be struck by an object falling from a high shelf when they are trying to retrieve them; sometimes, things can just drop on their own. Personal injury caused by falling objects is easier to prove if there are CCTV cameras at your place of work.

Lifting and handling

Repeatedly lifting and moving heavy items can cause strains on your muscles and ligaments. Workers may suffer from arm pain, neck pain, back pain and even leg pain. Injuries caused by repetitive lifting and handling take quite some time before you start experiencing symptoms; however, you can injure yourself from a one-off handling or lifting situation.

Slips trips and falls

Given the nature of hospitality environments, almost anyone can succumb to injuries from falling, tripping or slipping. A spilled drink, a coiled rug, wire extensions and other hazards are commonplace yet dangerous.

Employers and property owners in California have a legal responsibility to make your workplace safe for you. If you get injured because the owner refuses to provide a safe environment for you, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against them. Also, you are entitled to workers’ compensation for when you get injured on the job.


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