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Identifying other causes of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

On the road, you need to avoid any distractions that could affect your ability to drive safely. Sadly, some drivers do not heed this advice, and they place lives in danger when they lose focus. Many people realize that phone use can distract drivers, such as texting or browsing the web, but there are many other ways in which drivers become distracted.

It is essential to go over information on distracted driving, including statistics related to this serious accident risk factor, in order to understand the prevalence of distracted drivers.

Ways in which distracted driving occurs

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention goes over some of the different ways in which drivers become distracted behind the wheel. For example, some drivers lose focus because of passengers in their vehicle, while others cannot focus on the road because they are using a GPS or trying to eat. Adjusting the radio, trying to use a map and looking in the mirror can also lead to distracted driving. Of course, phones and other digital devices are a major concern when it comes to this issue.

Data on distracted driving

The CDC reports that over the course of 2018, distracted driving claimed more than 2,800 lives and caused roughly 400,000 to suffer injuries. Moreover, about 20% of those who died in these distracted driving accidents were not in vehicles, such as bicyclists and pedestrians.

If a distracted driver caused a serious crash that has left you or a loved one with serious hardships, you need to explore all of your options and have them held answerable.


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