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California ranks 3rd in the nation for road rage

On Behalf of | May 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Aggressive driving and road rage are frequent factors in fatal and nonfatal car crashes that take place across the nation, but research shows California motorists are especially likely to encounter drivers exhibiting road rage behaviors. California is among the worst states in the nation in terms of the number of road rage incidents it sees that involve firearms. The state also sees more than its fair share of road rage incidents that do not involve handguns.

According to Bankrate, California ranks third in the nation for road rage offenses involving firearms. Between 2014 and 206, there were 82 such incidents on California’s roadways. Only Texas and Florida saw more road rage incidents involving guns than California.

What causes road rage

Many different factors contribute to road rage, including impatience and anger when dealing with other motorists. Road rage incidents often result when motorists exhibit impatience at red lights, or while waiting for passengers to enter stopped vehicles in front of them. Other times, road rage arises from disputes over merging or parking. Traffic congestion, too, is a frequent contributor to crashes that result from road rage in California.

What to do to help prevent road rage

Drivers may be able to reduce the chances of involvement in road rage incidents by leaving plenty of room between their cars and other vehicles. Avoiding the use of the car horn and high beams, unless necessary to see, may also reduce a driver’s chance of angering other motorists.

Drivers who cause wrecks after exhibiting road rage behaviors may face criminal or other repercussions.


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