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Why does road rage lead to accidents on a highway?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A person who feels angry and anxious while driving can make poor choices, especially when that person is on a crowded road.

Dealing with another driver with road rage while trying to get to your destination can lead to an accident. Although this issue can sometimes seem to come out of nowhere, there are some signs of road rage that you can notice.

Surrounding traffic

According to NBC News, an agitated driver will often try to follow another car on the same road. Whether this starts with tailgating or loud honking, you may notice that they try to get your attention by acting aggressively.

Being surrounded by cars that are traveling on a highway can increase the amount of stress a person feels. Impulsive decisions happen when a person is already feeling overwhelmed, which can lead to angry drivers trying to harm you.

Sense of urgency

While you may not need to rush to where you are going, another person could feel angry because they need to reach a place at a certain time. This is more likely to happen on highways due to how central they are to getting to many destinations.

People with road rage often break the speed limit and may even try to weave in and out of lanes.

Increased mistakes

When an angry driver has a lot of stimuli around them on a highway but chooses to focus on someone else, they could easily miss a road light or sign. People could disregard the safety of other drivers by ignoring warning signs that caution them to slow down or merge in a particular way.

Knowing more about road rage can help you understand unpredictable situations on the highway.


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