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Many never see injury coming

Working can sometimes feel like a never-ending blur, one day bleeds into the next and so on and so forth. However, all that can stop on a dime when a person suffers a career-ending injury at work. For those that have experienced one of these accidents, life can become defined as before the accident and after the accident. So, how does one more forward with their life when they can no longer perform the work they were once able to do?

Helping you overcome career-ending injuries

Much like no one expects to be involved in a serious accident, they are likely also unprepared to deal with the aftermath of a serious injury. Whether it occurred at work, on the roadway, at home or on the property of another, when an individual in California is severely injured in an accident, it can disrupt their life in many ways. If the injuries are very serious, they could result in the person being unable to work.

Seeking damages after a catastrophic injury

Falling victim to a serious accident can be life-altering. One never expects to be suddenly harmed by the negligence of another; thus, following an accident, a victim is likely unaware of what they should do to address these harms. In some cases, injuries caused by an accident can be so severe that a victim is unable to return to their normal life. This could even mean they are unable to work and make a living.

What are some common career-ending injuries?

Serious workplace injuries could keep a worker in Oakland away from their job for a significant amount of time. Sometimes a person's injury causes them to have to stop working entirely. These career-ending injuries can have a significant financial impact on those who suffer from them.

Californians living with paralysis face significant expenses

When a person in California is paralyzed in a car crash, workplace accident, or sporting accident, they may find their whole world has turned upside down. Not only must they relearn how to perform basic tasks, if they are able to perform these tasks at all, but they may also find that their injury keeps them from ever being able to work again. This is significant, as data from the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center taken from 2010 to 2014 reveals just how expensive living with a spinal cord injury can be.

Helping Californians who suffer career-ending orthopedic injuries

When a person in California thinks of the types of injuries that could render one permanently unable to work, they might initially think of very severe medical conditions such as paralysis, amputations or burn injuries. However, other injuries, such as orthopedic injuries, can also make it impossible for a person to work and earn an income. Thus, orthopedic injuries can significantly impact not just a person's health, but also their livelihood.

Herniated disks can be career-ending injuries

As some Californians can attest, nothing can be as debilitating as a back injury. Some back injuries just put a person out of commission and on the couch for a few days, but the person is otherwise able to return to work as normal. However, other back injuries can disable a person entirely, forcing them to exit the workforce. One of these potentially career-ending injuries is a herniated disk.

Career-ending injuries can be financially devastating

When a person is injured in an accident, whether it be a workplace accident, car crash or slip-and-fall case, the injuries they suffered could impact their entire life. Not only will they have to deal with extensive medical expenses, but sometimes their injuries are so severe that they are permanently unable to work. For example, an amputation, severe burn or soft tissue damage can result in a career-ending injury.

Packinghouse employees can suffer career-ending injuries

When people in California buy meat in a grocery store, packaged up tidily in plastic foam trays, they may not give much thought about how the meat got there. From raising the livestock to getting the meat on the supermarket shelves, many different tasks must be completed. For some people, this means making a living butchering meat in a packinghouse. However, working in a packinghouse can be very dangerous.

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