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Electrocution And Electrical Accidents

Electrocution or electrical shocks can happen almost anywhere. The workplace, the home and others’ properties are potential areas for accidents to occur. Depending on where the accident occurs, different businesses and individuals may be held accountable.

California laws on property owner negligence may apply. So may workers’ compensation laws or the laws that affect power lines or dangerous or defective products.

At the Oakland law firm of Viadro Law, LLP, we thoroughly investigate cases to determine which regulations, codes and laws apply. Depending on the facts of your case and the regulations, codes and laws involved, we hold the right parties accountable for the harm you experienced.

There are many things that can cause electrocution, shock injuries and electrical burns:

  • Inadequate warning regarding electrical hazards
  • Inadequate wiring
  • Inadvertent contact with high voltage lines
  • Failure to “lockout, tag-out”
  • Electrical explosions
  • Contact with liquefied metal

Personal Injury Caused By Electrical Accidents

Exposure to electricity is often deadly. It can cause heart fibrillation and lead to cardiac arrest. For those that survive, it can also cause brain injury, severe burns to both deep muscle and the body surface, and other long-term effects.

The physical effects are only the first stage of injury; the psychological scarring of dealing with burns can be equally devastating.

Because the damage can be so severe, electrical accident survivors face a long road to recovery. They are often overwhelmed by medical expenses, the cost of future medical care and missed work. They wonder where they will get the resources to move forward with their lives.

At Viadro Law, LLP, we have those resources. Our Oakland lawyers for electrical accidents and burns have what it takes to pursue shock injury cases fully in California courts, obtaining full and fair compensation for our clients.

Our goal is to get you the compensation you deserve so that you can support your family and regain your health.

Are You Suffering From Electrical Accident Burn Injuries?

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