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Each year, thousands of people suffer burn injuries in California. Some of these are relatively minor burns, but others are burns that change the victim’s entire lives. The severity and location of a burn can also lead to physical disability.

Amputations, burn scarring, loss of sensation or reduced mobility must also be taken into account when evaluating the cost and impact of a burn injury.

At Viadro Law, LLP, we fight hard for these burn injury victims, seeking the full and fair compensation they deserve to move forward with their lives. Our Oakland lawyers for burn injury compensation have extensive experience in working with burn victims and their families to help them receive compensation proportional to their medical needs, wage loss and pain and suffering.

Individuals may experience burns in many different situations:

Pain And Suffering Compensation

Pain and suffering compensation is only part of what is available to burn victims. Burn injuries often require long-term hospitalization, skin grafts and reconstructive surgery. As a result, burn injuries are often some of the most expensive and painful injuries to treat.

Compensation can cover related medical bills, the costs of continuing medical care, multiple surgeries and physical therapy. It can also compensate you for missed work and for lost income if you are forced to take a lesser paying job or not to work after your burn injury.

An elevator constructor sustained third-degree burns to his face, arms and upper body when a metallic fish tape he was using made a phase to phase connection within an electrical box, thereby causing an electrical explosion. We represented him, helping him receive full and fair compensation for his injuries.

We Can Help You Get The Maximum Burn Injury Compensation

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