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Construction Site Accidents

Every construction site poses certain hazards. Whether the job site is a skyscraper in Downtown San Francisco or a residential home on a suburban cul-de-sac, accidents happen where safety precautions are overlooked. Construction site accidents can lead to a few days of missed work, to a lost career, to catastrophic physical injuries or death.

The specific causes of construction accidents are many. Sometimes an employer forces an employee to work more quickly than can be done safely. Sometimes inadequate equipment is provided. Sometimes a co-employee or other subcontractor forgets that another worker is nearby.

These situations and many others can give rise to a workers’ compensation claim when somebody gets injured. On multiemployer work sites, it is often the case that employee of one company injures an employee of another company.

This situation may give rise not only to a workers’ compensation claim, but also a personal injury lawsuit. So, whenever and wherever a construction accident occurs, the lawyers at Viadro Law, LLP, are there to help. Viadro Law, LLP‘s attorneys are highly experienced in both workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. Most firms practice only workers’ compensation or personal injury law. A few firms have lawyers where some practice workers’ compensation and others practice personal injury law. And, even fewer firms have lawyers who individually both practice workers’ compensation and personal injury law. Viadro Law, LLP, is one of those unique firms.

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Our Alameda County legal team represents construction accident victims, helping them hold negligent workers and companies accountable for the harm caused. We often discover that the construction accidents were caused by defective products, poorly maintained equipment, negligent subcontractors or negligent general contractors. When we do, we take action against those parties.

A workplace injury can result in workers’ compensation and a personal injury claim

An electrician was hurt on the job by a crane operator who failed to use proper caution when he hit a load into a wall and dropped the load. The crane operator worked for the general contractor who was in charge of all crane operations. A subcontractor had performed the rigging and was also responsible. Because the crane operator and rigging subcontractor were employed by someone else, the injured electrician’s remedies were not limited to just workers’ compensation. He was also able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in California courts.

From the building of a commercial property, to industrial settings such as a refinery or manufacturing plant, to adding an addition to a residential property, doing landscaping, remodeling commercial or residential premises, we handle construction accidents that occur throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Whether you were involved in the construction industry, were hurt while making a repair of a property or were injured in a demolition, we can help. We handle construction law cases related to a wide range of construction injuries and accidents. Just a few are listed below:

  • Scaffolding accidents (falling accidents)
  • Ladder falls/construction falls
  • Electrocutions and electrical accidents
  • Trench collapses
  • Falling debris/dropped equipment
  • Heavy machinery injury
  • Crane accidents
  • Roofing accidents
  • Unprotected rebar
  • Elevator accidents
  • Refinery accidents
  • Slip-and-fall accidents

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