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Representing Workers Injured In Farm Accidents

Agriculture work is one of the most dangerous industries, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. And it’s no surprise; farmwork is tough, hard work. It often involves working long, exhausting hours in the elements and under the hot sun. It may involve working with heavy machinery and powerful equipment. It may also entail working in close proximity to livestock, along with the associated risk of livestock injuries and diseases.

At Viadro Law, LLP, we help injured agricultural workers in California get the compensation and workers’ comp benefits they deserve after a farm accident. Based in Oakland, our injury lawyers have a wealth of experience handling all kinds of work injury cases for people from all walks of life. We’re passionate about helping injury victims get the financial foundation they need to start moving forward.

Common Types Of Farm Accidents

Farmwork involves a multitude of hazards. Workers can suffer serious or fatal injuries in almost any type of farm accident, including:

  • Falls
  • Heavy equipment accidents
  • Tractor and harvester accidents
  • Silo accidents and suffocation
  • Livestock and animal injuries
  • Fires
  • Chemical exposure

These accidents may result from any number of causes. Regardless of the cause, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation, even if you’re a seasonal or undocumented worker. And if the negligence of someone besides your employer contributed to the accident, you may have a personal injury claim, which can be an additional source of compensation beyond your workers’ comp benefits. Our attorneys can advise you of your options.

Turn To Us For Trusted Legal Help After A Farming Accident

You shouldn’t have to bear the financial burdens of a work injury. You deserve compensation for all of your injury-related expenses, including missed work, inability to work, medical bills and ongoing treatment.

We’re here to help. Based in Oakland, we help injured agricultural workers throughout the region. Get started with a free consultation by calling 510-907-9577.