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Injured Union Workers

At Viadro Law, LLP, our attorneys have been representing injured union workers for over 20 years. We take pride in supporting labor in every way we can, and representing local union workers is just one way.

Many of our clients are injured union workers. These include boilermakers, elevator constructors/mechanics, cement masons, operating engineers, hood carriers, sheet metal workers, carpenters, ironworkers, laborers, electricians, painters, glaziers, teamsters, sprinkler fitters, plumbers and pipe fitters, pile drivers and millwrights, among others.

Union business agents have long recognized the expertise and dedication of our attorneys and have trusted us with the representation of their members.

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialists For Your California Union Job Injury

As an experienced law firm, we know that there are subtleties and complexities in union accident cases.

We understand these subtleties, and know what happens on a job site; because we understand the interplay between project owners, general contractors and subcontractors, we know what questions to ask in legal proceedings.

We know what to look for, so we understand when employers have failed to take action to protect workers. We then use these weaknesses in cases to help our clients recover full and fair compensation for their on-the-job injuries.

We Get It: Your Injuries Have Cost You Everything

At Viadro Law, LLP, this is the approach we take. Our Alameda County law firm chooses cases selectively and devotes extensive time, attention and resources to achieving successful results. This approach has helped us develop a reputation as one of California’s leading personal injury law firms.

Over the years, we have handled many different personal injury cases on behalf of injured union workers. The following are just a few examples.

  • We have worked with union operating engineers in cases involving injuries caused by heavy equipment. These cases often involve defective earth moving equipment, and we are well-equipped to help achieve the best possible results.
  • Union elevator constructors can be injured in falls in hoistways (e.g., defective pit ladders), be injured by moving elevator cars or defective products, or other elevator-related hazards.
  • A union boilermaker sustained a brain injury when a hydraulic jack failed underneath a 500,000-pound load at a cogeneration plant under construction, causing an I-beam to kick out and into the boilermaker.
  • A union roofer sustained a traumatic brain injury and fourth-degree burns (i.e., down to the bone) after falling from scaffolding when he made contact with a high voltage line.
  • A union millwright sustained a serious ankle injury when a chain on a cart broke and an oxygen tank fell upon him in a refinery.
  • A union plumber sustained a career-ending injury when he fell down a flight of stairs that had been inadequately lit by the general contractor.
  • A union electrician was injured when a crane operator dropped a load upon him.

Oakland Lawyers Representing Injured Union Workers

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